Stage 1 (British Schools): Submitting the Application Form and Supporting Documents


Sara Village School

Sara Village School is for Sara Village residents only. Others seeking a British curriculum school may contact ISG staff at Dhahran British Grammar School. Sara Village School (SVS) follows the English National Curriculum and provides a high- quality primary education for Reception to Year 6. Parents must contact the school office to receive enrolment and admissions Information.

Phone: +966.13.869.8100, Ext #4128
Fax: +966.13.869.8100, Ext #4126


Dhahran British Grammar School

Listed below are the documents you must submit as part of your application for admissions. Please visit the DBGS website to find out the times and dates that DBGS are accepting applications. Applications to DBGS will close on Thursday 23rd Feb at 2.00pm.

  • Application Form: One application form per child is required and must be completed, signed and submitted by February 23rd.
  • Application Fee: Enclose the non-refundable application fee of 500 SR per student with your application. This fee will be used to review your child’s application and to defray the cost of any further assessments and interviews that may need to be conducted. Fees may be wire transferred or paid directly to the school admissions office.
    DBGS 2017-2018 Tuition Fees Information
  • Report Cards/Grade Reports/Transcripts: Include two to three years of information, including any partial year records. If entering Year 12, GCSE results are required. If necessary, school records must be translated into English. Students coming to KSA from a school abroad must have their latest report card authenticated in the country where the school is located. Those coming from an in­Kingdom school must have documents attested by the Foreign Education Department within the area the school is located.
  • A -Level Form: For A-­Level applicants, a recommendation form will be sent directly by DBGS to the Head of Seniors in their current school.
  • Resource/Special Education Student Information: If applicable, detailed information of additional educational or emotional support that your child has received must be provided on all forms. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Copies of all diagnostic test reports and results, such as an individualised education programme (IEP) or a learning support profile
    • Medical information related to your child's learning
    • Notes on speech therapy and other therapeutic support
    • Recommendations from specialists for future support
  • Copies of the father’s and student’s passport and iqama.

Without this complete set of information the school cannot make the appropriate educational choices for your child, which will provide an environment in which your child will flourish. ISG's goal is to provide a programme that is an optimal match between your child's individual educational needs and the support services available at the school. ISG school programmes, in compliance with the administration of school policy, are not designed to meet the instructional needs of students with complex learning, language or emotional/behavioural difficulties.

Submitting instructions:Please submit all documents by hand to DBGS office, along with the SAR500 application fee in cash. Be sure to review each form for completeness and for the required signatures.

Timeline: Families are advised to apply by 23rd February due to limited space:

  • The deadline for admissions applications is February 23rd.
  • The review period for these applications is from February 23rd to April 30th. This is the Decision Window.

Important Contact Information/Where To Send Documents

Dhahran British Grammar School
P.O. Box 31677, Al Khobar 31952
Phone: +966 13 330 0555

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International Schools Group (ISG)
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