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Application forms for local vacancies:

The forms below can be completed on a computer. Simply download the one you need, complete the form and email it to apply@isg.edu.sa

Thank you for your interest in working with International Schools Group (ISG).


International Schools Group (ISG) accepts applications from the local community throughout the school year for vacancies within the District Office and Member Schools.  

Teachers in the community are invited to apply for the sponsored positions posted provided that they can present all required documentation: current teaching license, degree transcripts etc. Due to changes in employment legislation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, degrees must be attested through the Saudi Cultural Mission or Saudi Embassy in the country where the qualification was achieved. The Human Resources Department will provide further information on this process once principals have carried out initial interviews and positions are in the process of being offered. 

ISG relies on our local workforce for positions at every level within our district. Applicants already located within Saudi Arabia are considered "local applicants" and qualify for a specific set of benefits and salary scales. Usually, a local applicant already has a visa or iqama through a sponsor other than International Schools Group. Our Office of Government Relations is experienced at helping qualified candidates obtain the proper paperwork for employment at ISG district and at our Member Schools.

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