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Dear Parents,

As we near the end of the 2020-2021 school year, few of us thought we would be in virtual school the entire year. It has been challenging for parents and staff alike, but especially for our students who missed the opportunity to spend time with classmates and their teachers and to experience school the way we all wish would have happened.

Despite this, there have been some silver linings. A recent Australian study found that 75% of parents reported their family is more connected since the pandemic, and that they spend more time with their children on reading and playing games together. 

As a result of being in virtual school this year, we cancelled eight scheduled early release days and two ISG Learns days and used them for instructional time instead. As a result, I proposed to the Board, and they accepted that the school year will end on Thursday, June 3, 2021. We hope that the early finish will enable our families to take a well-deserved summer break and arrive back in August rejuvenated.

Additionally, I’m very excited that this schedule allows us to launch our four-week Summer School program on June 6, 2021.This enrichment program will deliver a robust schedule of core subjects as well as innovative and preparatory instruction for the coming year. For those students participating in Summer School, July 1 will be the final day of virtual instruction. This will allow those students to enjoy a full seven-week summer break. Please stay tuned for further details early next week concerning our Summer School program.

Please note that we will not be issuing an updated 2020-2021 calendar, so please contact your child’s principal with any queries.


Dr. Michael P. Mack