International Day - A trip around the world

03 February 2019

celebrating each other

One of our 6 schools, DHS,  celebrated International Day on January 24 with food, activities, performances, and a fashion show. The day started with a "Taste of the World", an event that was generously supported by over one hundreds parents from their Parent Volunteer Group.  Parents organized booths for each country and with the help of student volunteers, provided DHS staff and students with various delicious snacks.  

The annual international day fashion and talent show took place soon after and students from all cultures and backgrounds came together to celebrate their traditional dress, dances and performances. Students and staff showed their pride, happiness and uniqueness in celebrating each other.

we are thankful for everyone who contributed to making this event so successful.  DHS is incredibly lucky to have such generous parents who donated their time and energy for this big event every year.  International Day is the most anticipated event at DHS and our students relish the opportunity to showcase their home cultures while learning more about others.