Why Choose ISG

Why Choose ISG

60+ Years of Academic Excellence

Established in 1962, ISG is a leading, forward-looking, not-for-profit educational organization with a rich and diverse legacy and a proven track record of academic excellence.

Ensuring high standards in education is a priority at ISG.  We are licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Education and accredited by MSA and BSO.

Over 50 nationalities are represented in our community, enriching the learning environment and contributing to a culture of open-mindedness and respect.

We recruit the finest teachers and staff from around the world: experienced, innovative, caring, dynamic and dedicated to providing quality education.

ISG is more than a school.  It is a family, a home and a safe, warm, caring environment that nurtures each and every child through their educational journey with us. 

A wide variety of athletic programs and after school activities are offered every term to engage students, develop their interests, explore their creativity and learn new skills.

Our Graduates Attend the Finest Universities Around the World

Meet Our Staff and Students

American School Dhahran Testimonial

This year will be my 23rd year at ISG. People always ask me, "Why have you been staying so long at one school? The answer is simple, "I love living in Saudi Arabia, and the district has been good to us; ASD does have some of the most awesome students in the world."

Alichia Gerber

I joined BSD in 2012 as a parent; my older child was in Year 7 and my younger one was in Year 1.  In our first stint in KSA from 2014-2018,  I was part of the BSD team as a TA in Primary and lab assistant in Secondary.  My family returned to Saudi in 2021 and I joined BSD as a science teacher in KS3 and Chemistry KS4/KS5. BSD is a wonderful family for my kids and I, which is justified by our return.

Hema Kosandar - Parent & Teacher
ISG Dammam

I feel proud to be a part of ISG Dammam where every staff member is dedicated to encouraging and fostering the growth of young people. This culture of working collaboratively supports our students' curiosity which leads them to try new experiences — knowing and believing that friends and teachers are always there to help them at all times.

Helen Manalo
ISG Jubail

Working at a diverse school environment like ISG Jubail school fosters cultural exchange, broadens perspectives, and promotes inclusivity, which can enhance the overall educational experience for both students and staff. 

It's an environment where different backgrounds, ideas and experiences come together, enriching the learning process and promoting a sense of unity and understanding among the school community.

I'm grateful to be a part of a community that values excellence in education and prioritizes the growth and wellbeing of every student.

Manal Alibrahim - Library Assistant

At Sara Village School, we understand that the life for some of our children and families on the compound is incredibly transient. We are dedicated to making sure that their experience of “life in Saudi” is a good one and that their overriding memory of Sara Village School follows our motto that we are a place “where learning is great fun”.

Mrs Curran - Teacher

Since joining the ISG community 5 years ago I have grown immensely as an educator, colleague and as a person. I am tremendously grateful for all the wonderful memories and opportunities that have been shared with me since joining the group. Our principal is a phenomenal mentor, and our staff and leadership team have a wealth of knowledge to share with anyone who seeks to learn more about their experiences.  The ASD staff community reminds me a lot of the community I grew up in back home in South Africa; the diversity is vast, the experiences are plentiful, and friendships are only a handshake away.

Kyran Odendaal - Athletics Director

I am now in my 6th year at BSD. It is, without doubt, one of the most supportive, friendly work environments I have been in. The students are absolutely wonderful too. I always say you can get a genuine idea of what a school is like by spending 1 minute in the playground watching the children. If you look at our playground, you will see it full of smiles, laughter, kindness and respect. That speaks volumes about BSD. Also, as a parent here for 5 years, my sons have many, many happy memories and made some lifelong friends.

David Gibson - Parent & Teacher
ISG Dammam

I have the pleasure of teaching at ISG and seeing children and young people challenged to become the best they can be. We have an excellent team of teachers at ISG who are highly supportive, motivated and dedicated who strive to provide the best possible education to grow and develop. I am proud to be a part of the ISG Dammam family.

Asma Hassan - Teacher
ISG Jubail

Why do I like working at ISG Jubail, you ask?  I’ve got three responses to that question:  1.  The students 2. The students, and 3. The STUDENTS.

They’re wonderful, highly engaged, and they really want to learn.

Kimberly Inge - MSHS Social Studies Teacher
ISG Jubail

ISG Jubail is a school like no other in Jubail, as it focuses on inspiring compassion in the community, makes sure that education is of top quality, and creates an interactive and innovative learning environment. This has encouraged me and my peers to truly grasp the subjects, and learn with great intent at the same time. I am proud to be part of this coeducational institution, and hope ISG Jubail will continue to inspire students to ‘Inspire Innovation and Compassionate Action’.

A.R. - Student
ISG Jubail

Today, while I was doing lunch duty, I saw some Grade 12 students playing football with students from Grade 7. 

We are a small school, but we always try to be inclusive, to support each other and celebrate our achievements. At ISG Jubail, we embrace and respect our differences.

Patricia Sanjurjo - MSHS English Teacher
ISG Jubail

I am proud to be a part of this school and am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to be a homeroom teacher here. The dedication of our staff, the passion of our students and the unwavering commitment to excellence make this school an extraordinary place to work and learn. I look forward to many more years of being a part of this amazing community and witnessing the continued success of our students. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible journey.

Saima Jamil - G1 Homeroom Teacher
ISG Jubail

I have had an amazing first year teaching at ISG Jubail. It has been both rewarding and overwhelming. I am motivated every day to do my best in order to challenge the bright students who are eager to learn. When I arrived, the first thing that I noticed was the commitment to excellence in education as a culture of the school and the dedication of the staff. This year, I have grown as a teacher, and I am excited to prepare for another great academic school year.

Jim Fredenburg - HS Biology Teacher
ISG Jubail

I have been teaching in ISG since January 2007.  ISG Jubail is a school that goes beyond academics. It fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where every individual is valued and respected. It is a place where students, staff and parents work together to create a nurturing community. I am honored to be part of ISG Jubail and witness firsthand the positive impact it has on the lives of its students and the larger community.

On a personal note, both of my children have graduated from ISG, and I couldn't be prouder. The education they received at ISG has prepared them well for their future endeavors, and I am grateful for the opportunities they were provided.

Preetha Nataraj - Parent & MSHS Math Teacher
ISG Jubail

There are so many things that make ISG Jubail special but the thing that stands out to me the most is the community. Our student community is the heart of the school - they are fun, curious, kind, open minded and the list goes on. I've worked with children and families for almost 20 years and that experience makes me appreciate exactly the magic we have in ISG, particularly Jubail. I've been here for 7 years now and have loved every minute of it!

Jasbinder Jangra - G3 Homeroom Teacher
ISG Jubail

Reflecting on my past working experiences, ISG is truly an organized institution that meets all of the needs proposed by Abraham Maslow: right from the physiological needs to self-actualization. This therefore motivates me to always give my best. This learning environment is a relatable environment that is very conducive to teaching and learning. I love how professional everyone is at ISG; everyone is engaged and carries out their duties effectively. I love how ISG does not just cater to the tools that promote learning but also cares about improving and advancing the technical competencies of staff by always providing us with opportunities for professional development.

Adeola Owolabi - MSHS Social Studies Teacher

The teaching styles are very easy to comprehend and the classes are very enjoyable and I learn a lot from them.

M.O. - Student

I like the environment and community that BSD offers, both socially and academically. I was able to blend right in during my first few days here!

E.K - Student

I taught in ISG Jubail where my two boys attended school, and we loved it. This is now my 9th year in BSD, and it is truly like a family. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments, cultures and traditions. ISG has a population of 50+ different nationalities with a culture of inclusiveness, compassion and happy learning.  Students and staff members practice teamwork in a friendly environment. This is the foundation of our teaching. At ISG, trust, respect, empowerment and appreciation are the common values across our school.

Soraya Kehoe - Parent & Teacher

I joined BSD in 2018 and it has reinvigorated me as a teacher. The kids are great to work with and you can always try new things in the classroom with them, broaden your skills and develop your teaching.

Tuna Altay - Teacher
Adelyn Markopoulos

BSD has always been such a warm, welcoming and supportive community and is a wonderful place to spend each day. The children's wellbeing is at the very heart of all that we do.

Adelyn Markopoulos - Teacher

BSD is a happy workplace where everyone matters. This is my 6th year teaching Year 1 at BSD.

Estelle le Roux - Teacher
Caroline Baker

I joined BSD in 2023 as a Year 3 class teachers. I think it is very special how much emphasis the BSD team focuses on and celebrates Character Strengths and growth mindset. The children feel empowered by discussing their strengths and are undaunted by the areas they could improve when thinking of them with a growth mindset attitude. Instead of "I can't do this," they learn to think "I can't do this yet."

Caroline Baker - Teacher

I joined BSD in 2005 as a parent; my eldest was in Year 5 and my youngest was in Year 2. Both have graduated from ISG’s International Baccalaureate Programme. I have been part of the BSD team for 18 years, which I consider to be a great indicator on how special my school is and how happy I am to be a member of the BSD family. The core values of my school drives my everyday life and shapes my goals as a teacher and meets my ideals as a person.

Hajer Ben Ali - Parent & Teacher

I am a parent of four children at BSD who joined the school in 2015. Our experience with the school has been rich in all areas. My children enjoy all the different unique opportunities, especially being able to compete in sports, and at the same time, receive the academic support they need to excel. We appreciate the efforts and continuous progress the school goes through to support our children for tomorrow.

Maha Sousak - Parent & Teacher
ISG Dammam

I've worked at ISG Dammam for the last 10 years.  What I love most about ISG Dammam is the diversity of the cultures at our school and the respect and acceptance everyone shows one another.  As an educator, ISG has provided me with ample opportunities to grow professionally, and I appreciate that the teachers share their learning with the community.

Sadaf Ahmed
ISG Dammam

One of the things that I love most about ISG Dammam is the sense of community. This school is the best place I have ever worked. The students are amazing, the staff is supportive, and the administration is always looking for ways to create a positive learning environment. We are all committed to helping each student succeed, and we do whatever it takes to make that happen. I am proud to be a part of the ISG Dammam community.

Amrith Blanche
ISG Dammam

I have been working at ISG for 25 years, and it is my home away from home. I feel privileged, motivated and thrilled at ISG; the unwavering love that children show, the friendliness and warmth in the air, the genuine international best practices in education, and the dynamic and compassionate leadership.  I've always had the flexibility to express my opinions, and through a variety of professional development seminars, ISG has given me the opportunity to grow and flourish as a teacher.

Srilatha Reddy - Teacher
ISG Dammam

ISG DAMMAM has provided me with a wonderful space to learn and grow as an educator. I have always felt challenged and encouraged to think critically. Working here for the last 11 years, I have had the opportunity to make personal and professional connections that I deeply value. ISG Dammam focuses on educating the whole student. Teachers have the autonomy to do what is best to meet their students’ needs and interests, and that is what makes ISG Dammam a special place for everyone!

Afnan Parkar - Teacher

I have been at ASD for a year and I can't be happier to have this great opportunity. At ASD, wellbeing and character building are as important as academic achievement. ASD is a place where you can flourish, grow and connect with others. ASD highly implements the District's vision: "We inspire innovation and compassionate action". All you need to have is the passion to do your job, and ASD will provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Maissaa Jenblat - MS Math Teacher

ASD has been a wonderful school for our family. We loved seeing our six-year-old daughter go from shy to confident during her time in KG1 and KG2, and our three-year-old son adores his kind and knowledgeable Little Learners teachers. Our children look forward to school each day and have learned so much. Thank you to all of the teachers and teaching assistants at ASD; you make a difference every day!

Caitlin Fortescue - KG2 Teacher & Parent

Being a teacher at the ASD nurtures my passion for teaching by exchanging best practices and a lifelong love of professional development. I love to sponsor sports activities and to see student cheering and competing for ASD.

Being a mom of two girls, one in elementary school and one in middle school, and seeing the love my girls have for this school makes me feel prouder to be a part of this community.

ASD provides physical, artistic, cultural, musical and academic areas of growth for its students. My girls always find the support needed in their learning to shape their character and behavior, and their motivation and confidence are boosted consistently.  

We love ASD!

Zeina Jreije - French Teacher & Parent

My son has been attending ISG programs since he was three months old.  He just completed Grade 1.  We feel so lucky for him to have the quality of teachers that he has had up to this point.  Each one of them has treated him with kindness, compassion and love.  They allow him to be his quirky self and celebrate his strengths.  He is growing up with confidence because of the quality of teachers ISG employs.

Katherine Anne Ham - Teacher & Parent

Every morning my kids run into their classrooms, with beaming smiles ear to ear, ready for the adventures they will have that day. ASD is a rich learning environment, full of experiences that our kids are hungry for. The amount of growth and learning we have seen in our kids is incredible. We are so grateful for all the work the staff and teachers do to support our kids.

Rachael Childress - Parent

This is my first year at ASD. It has been fantastic thanks to the exceptional students and colleagues I have met. 

I like to help my students find genuine interest in learning Spanish and enhance their curiosity about Spanish culture and language. 

Learning a language is not straightforward, my advice is to always be kind to yourself, keep on going and have fun.

¡Hasta pronto!

Esmeralda Cullen - HS Spanish Teacher

ISG is truly a diverse multicultural community. After 5 years of living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and working in the American School Dhahran, I have gained a deep appreciation for this international school community. As a staff member, I have received many opportunities to elevate my professionalism and develop my teaching craft. The student body is one of my favorite things about working here. I have taught students from almost every continent! They are inquisitive, compassionate, and energetic. There is a feeling of true camaraderie among teachers and parents. If you are looking for a unique, high quality, distinguished school community to work in or send your students to, look no further!

Jennifer Mayorga - Learning Support

After 18 years of teaching, I can look back and marvel at how fortunate it has been to have had so many amazing classroom experiences. I have always been fascinated by the ways that technology could engage students in creativity and collaboration. What I love the most about teaching technology at ISG is seeing your students embrace challenges, engage in problem-solving, and improve their technical abilities throughout the year.

Brian Ham - MS/HS Technology Teacher

SVS is a very special and unique primary school, which due to its inclusive and empathetic nature, has a real family feel to it. Our son joined SVS in Reception and is now in his last few days of Y6 and he has loved every minute of his primary years. We really appreciate all the hard work and dedication the staff at SVS have put into making sure all of the children here have a positive start to their learning journey.

The school’s excellent leadership, along with experienced and caring staff enables every child to feel respected, safe and valued. SVS has helped our son look forward to secondary school with confidence and positive expectations for the challenges ahead.

Mrs Richards - Parent

Sara Village School is wonderful! 

The staff are friendly, approachable and highly attentive. Ahead of our arrival to Saudi, the school was immediately supportive of our child’s individual needs (we are a transient MOD family).

SVS is a diverse and energetic learning environment where students are encouraged to explore their curiosity. The staff are emotionally in touch with the students and throughout our first year, we have been acutely aware of how staff tailor to the specific learning styles and requirements of each child.

Our child is happy and has flourished in confidence - frankly, we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot - Thank you SVS.

Mrs Mears - Parent

Sara Village School is dedicated to inspiring, supporting and developing the growth of all our children. We encourage our students to be curious learners and to explore the world around them with open eyes. We help to develop and foster a positive mindset and to believe in the ‘power of yet! As our students move through the school, we aim to give them the essential skills and qualities that will shape them into kind, generous, thoughtful and empathetic young people .

Charlotte O’Toole - Teacher

I love being a student at SVS. Our lessons are alway fun and we have the opportunity to learn a variety of different lessons like Empathy, languages and Art.  All the teachers encourage and help me with my learning and they make it fun, almost like a game. The teachers are all funny, understanding, helpful and considerate. I also love the opportunities that we have, like visiting other schools on the other side of the country and experiencing the culture of Saudi.


At Sara Village School, I love being part of a diverse international community where we celebrate each other's differences. It is amazing that we learn a lot about empathy and kindness which most schools don’t focus on. This has helped me make some incredible friends. I enjoy the challenge that all of our teachers give us, so that we are able to reach our potential in every lesson. We also have a wide variety of after school clubs which has helped me to explore new hobbies and passions. I was proud to be chosen to be part of BSME U11 team that competed in Oman this year. Opportunities like this are once in a lifetime, and I will never forget it!

A. -Student

The thing that I love the most about school is that I get to see my friends everyday. I also enjoy all my lessons; they're fun! My teachers are kind and helpful and they listen to me most of the time.


I have been at SVS for the past two years and it is the best school ever! The teachers are amazing and always listen to me. My favourite class is Empathy because I love talking about emotions and discussing how we feel. My teachers are kind and caring and learning is always fun. We get to do so many different activities and I just love being here.  



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