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About ASD

American School Dhahran (ASD) is a not-for-profit, coeducational, Kindergarten to Grade 12, international school offering an American standards-based curriculum capped by either the AP Capstone Diploma or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. 

We encourage our students to be active learners which develops learner agency.  Learner agency is students taking ownership of their own learning by using critical thinking and feedback to independently make choices.  They are able to set goals that align with their interests, needs and motivations and are able to reach their goals.

Agency and autonomy increase as students progress, and students are given ample opportunities to grow through an exciting range of enrichment programs, after school activities, athletic programs and leadership opportunities.

At American School Dhahran we are driven by our mission, "We inspire innovation and compassionate action."We view our community as a family of educators, students and parents working together to live our mission.


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Athletics and Activities

ASD is home of the Scorpions!

Athletics and sports are a big part of life at ASD, with opportunities to join teams in volleyball, soccer, tennis, badminton, cross country, track and field and swimming. 

ASD ISG High School Athletics

Meet Our Staff and Students


Since joining the ISG community 5 years ago I have grown immensely as an educator, colleague and as a person. I am tremendously grateful for all the wonderful memories and opportunities that have been shared with me since joining the group. Our principal is a phenomenal mentor, and our staff and leadership team have a wealth of knowledge to share with anyone who seeks to learn more about their experiences.  The ASD staff community reminds me a lot of the community I grew up in back home in South Africa; the diversity is vast, the experiences are plentiful, and friendships are only a handshake away.

Kyran Odendaal - Athletics Director

I have been at ASD for a year and I can't be happier to have this great opportunity. At ASD, wellbeing and character building are as important as academic achievement. ASD is a place where you can flourish, grow and connect with others. ASD highly implements the District's vision: "We inspire innovation and compassionate action". All you need to have is the passion to do your job, and ASD will provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Maissaa Jenblat - MS Math Teacher

ASD has been a wonderful school for our family. We loved seeing our six-year-old daughter go from shy to confident during her time in KG1 and KG2, and our three-year-old son adores his kind and knowledgeable Little Learners teachers. Our children look forward to school each day and have learned so much. Thank you to all of the teachers and teaching assistants at ASD; you make a difference every day!

Caitlin Fortescue - KG2 Teacher & Parent

Being a teacher at the ASD nurtures my passion for teaching by exchanging best practices and a lifelong love of professional development. I love to sponsor sports activities and to see student cheering and competing for ASD.

Being a mom of two girls, one in elementary school and one in middle school, and seeing the love my girls have for this school makes me feel prouder to be a part of this community.

ASD provides physical, artistic, cultural, musical and academic areas of growth for its students. My girls always find the support needed in their learning to shape their character and behavior, and their motivation and confidence are boosted consistently.  

We love ASD!

Zeina Jreije - French Teacher & Parent

My son has been attending ISG programs since he was three months old.  He just completed Grade 1.  We feel so lucky for him to have the quality of teachers that he has had up to this point.  Each one of them has treated him with kindness, compassion and love.  They allow him to be his quirky self and celebrate his strengths.  He is growing up with confidence because of the quality of teachers ISG employs.

Katherine Anne Ham - Teacher & Parent

Every morning my kids run into their classrooms, with beaming smiles ear to ear, ready for the adventures they will have that day. ASD is a rich learning environment, full of experiences that our kids are hungry for. The amount of growth and learning we have seen in our kids is incredible. We are so grateful for all the work the staff and teachers do to support our kids.

Rachael Childress - Parent

This is my first year at ASD. It has been fantastic thanks to the exceptional students and colleagues I have met. 

I like to help my students find genuine interest in learning Spanish and enhance their curiosity about Spanish culture and language. 

Learning a language is not straightforward, my advice is to always be kind to yourself, keep on going and have fun.

¡Hasta pronto!

Esmeralda Cullen - HS Spanish Teacher

ISG is truly a diverse multicultural community. After 5 years of living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and working in the American School Dhahran, I have gained a deep appreciation for this international school community. As a staff member, I have received many opportunities to elevate my professionalism and develop my teaching craft. The student body is one of my favorite things about working here. I have taught students from almost every continent! They are inquisitive, compassionate, and energetic. There is a feeling of true camaraderie among teachers and parents. If you are looking for a unique, high quality, distinguished school community to work in or send your students to, look no further!

Jennifer Mayorga - Learning Support

After 18 years of teaching, I can look back and marvel at how fortunate it has been to have had so many amazing classroom experiences. I have always been fascinated by the ways that technology could engage students in creativity and collaboration. What I love the most about teaching technology at ISG is seeing your students embrace challenges, engage in problem-solving, and improve their technical abilities throughout the year.

Brian Ham - MS/HS Technology Teacher