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Sara Village School is a British primary school teaching the National Curriculum for England for children aged four (Reception) to 11 years (Year 6).  We serve employees of BAE Systems, the Ministry of Defence and most recently, any other residents of Sara Village Compound who work for other companies.

With a unique approach, a commitment to educational excellence and a strong partnership with parents, our dedicated staff ensure that students experience 21st century learning in a safe, positive and nurturing environment.

We have small classes, consisting of Foundation 2 (Reception class) and Key Stage 1 and 2, with just one class per year group, each of which has its own classroom and several specialist areas allowing plenty of space. Being a small school, everyone knows everyone else and the feeling here is very much one of family.

Sara Village School is a place where measurable educational opportunity is provided for its students through a focus on learning which is engaging and enjoyable. We aim to be the cause of professional satisfaction among our staff and a source of pride within the community we serve.


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An integral part of the child’s education is not only what happens during the school day, but after school as well. After School Activities (ASAs) in a variety of interest areas are offered to students throughout the year.


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At Sara Village School, we understand that the life for some of our children and families on the compound is incredibly transient. We are dedicated to making sure that their experience of “life in Saudi” is a good one and that their overriding memory of Sara Village School follows our motto that we are a place “where learning is great fun”.

Mrs Curran - Teacher

SVS is a very special and unique primary school, which due to its inclusive and empathetic nature, has a real family feel to it. Our son joined SVS in Reception and is now in his last few days of Y6 and he has loved every minute of his primary years. We really appreciate all the hard work and dedication the staff at SVS have put into making sure all of the children here have a positive start to their learning journey.

The school’s excellent leadership, along with experienced and caring staff enables every child to feel respected, safe and valued. SVS has helped our son look forward to secondary school with confidence and positive expectations for the challenges ahead.

Mrs Richards - Parent

Sara Village School is wonderful! 

The staff are friendly, approachable and highly attentive. Ahead of our arrival to Saudi, the school was immediately supportive of our child’s individual needs (we are a transient MOD family).

SVS is a diverse and energetic learning environment where students are encouraged to explore their curiosity. The staff are emotionally in touch with the students and throughout our first year, we have been acutely aware of how staff tailor to the specific learning styles and requirements of each child.

Our child is happy and has flourished in confidence - frankly, we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot - Thank you SVS.

Mrs Mears - Parent

Sara Village School is dedicated to inspiring, supporting and developing the growth of all our children. We encourage our students to be curious learners and to explore the world around them with open eyes. We help to develop and foster a positive mindset and to believe in the ‘power of yet! As our students move through the school, we aim to give them the essential skills and qualities that will shape them into kind, generous, thoughtful and empathetic young people .

Charlotte O’Toole - Teacher

I love being a student at SVS. Our lessons are alway fun and we have the opportunity to learn a variety of different lessons like Empathy, languages and Art.  All the teachers encourage and help me with my learning and they make it fun, almost like a game. The teachers are all funny, understanding, helpful and considerate. I also love the opportunities that we have, like visiting other schools on the other side of the country and experiencing the culture of Saudi.


At Sara Village School, I love being part of a diverse international community where we celebrate each other's differences. It is amazing that we learn a lot about empathy and kindness which most schools don’t focus on. This has helped me make some incredible friends. I enjoy the challenge that all of our teachers give us, so that we are able to reach our potential in every lesson. We also have a wide variety of after school clubs which has helped me to explore new hobbies and passions. I was proud to be chosen to be part of BSME U11 team that competed in Oman this year. Opportunities like this are once in a lifetime, and I will never forget it!

A. -Student

The thing that I love the most about school is that I get to see my friends everyday. I also enjoy all my lessons; they're fun! My teachers are kind and helpful and they listen to me most of the time.


I have been at SVS for the past two years and it is the best school ever! The teachers are amazing and always listen to me. My favourite class is Empathy because I love talking about emotions and discussing how we feel. My teachers are kind and caring and learning is always fun. We get to do so many different activities and I just love being here.  


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