Welcome to our rich multicultural school group

We offer our students only the best facilities and educational resources

We are not just schools, we are a family

We respect and value our differences

Where our students become both academic and professional achievers

Together we achieve the impossible

About us

The International Schools Group (ISG) was founded in 1962 to serve the needs of expatriate families living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ISG is a not-for-profit, forward-looking school district comprised of six schools across four locations in the Eastern Province. The schools are coeducational day schools delivering Preschool to Grade 12 programs for expatriate children and a small number of students from the host country. Each school offers either a British, American or International curriculum, and encompasses the following higher level programs: AP and IB (selected American schools) and GCSE and A-Levels within Dhahran British Grammar School. ISG currently serves the needs of approximately 4,000 students.

Our Mission
We inspire innovation and compassionate action.

Our Core Values
Respect, acceptance, integrity, responsibility ...
with a commitment to act.