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Five American and British Schools in Saudi Arabia
Established 1962

Established in 1962

We take pride in our legacy.
ISG Mission

Our Mission

We inspire innovation and compassionate action
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Our Core Values

Respect, acceptance, integrity and responsibility with a commitment to act.
We Are Student-Centered

We are Student-Centered

ISG schools are oriented at student learning

International Schools Group (ISG)


We Inspire Innovation and Compassionate Action

For 60 years, we have given our students a leading educational experience in Saudi Arabia that propels them into university life ready and prepared for their next chapter. Our students grow with a strong sense of self, and our graduates make us proud with their achievements.

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American School Dhahran Testimonial

This year will be my 23rd year at ISG. People always ask me, "Why have you been staying so long at one school? The answer is simple, "I love living in Saudi Arabia, and the district has been good to us; ASD does have some of the most awesome students in the world."

Alichia Gerber

I joined BSD in 2012 as a parent; my older child was in Year 7 and my younger one was in Year 1.  In our first stint in KSA from 2014-2018,  I was part of the BSD team as a TA in Primary and lab assistant in Secondary.  My family returned to Saudi in 2021 and I joined BSD as a science teacher in KS3 and Chemistry KS4/KS5. BSD is a wonderful family for my kids and I, which is justified by our return.

Hema Kosandar - Parent & Teacher
ISG Dammam

I feel proud to be a part of ISG Dammam where every staff member is dedicated to encouraging and fostering the growth of young people. This culture of working collaboratively supports our students' curiosity which leads them to try new experiences — knowing and believing that friends and teachers are always there to help them at all times.

Helen Manalo
ISG Jubail

Working at a diverse school environment like ISG Jubail school fosters cultural exchange, broadens perspectives, and promotes inclusivity, which can enhance the overall educational experience for both students and staff. 

It's an environment where different backgrounds, ideas and experiences come together, enriching the learning process and promoting a sense of unity and understanding among the school community.

I'm grateful to be a part of a community that values excellence in education and prioritizes the growth and wellbeing of every student.

Manal Alibrahim - Library Assistant

At Sara Village School, we understand that the life for some of our children and families on the compound is incredibly transient. We are dedicated to making sure that their experience of “life in Saudi” is a good one and that their overriding memory of Sara Village School follows our motto that we are a place “where learning is great fun”.

Mrs Curran - Teacher

Since joining the ISG community 5 years ago I have grown immensely as an educator, colleague and as a person. I am tremendously grateful for all the wonderful memories and opportunities that have been shared with me since joining the group. Our principal is a phenomenal mentor, and our staff and leadership team have a wealth of knowledge to share with anyone who seeks to learn more about their experiences.  The ASD staff community reminds me a lot of the community I grew up in back home in South Africa; the diversity is vast, the experiences are plentiful, and friendships are only a handshake away.

Kyran Odendaal - Athletics Director

I am now in my 6th year at BSD. It is, without doubt, one of the most supportive, friendly work environments I have been in. The students are absolutely wonderful too. I always say you can get a genuine idea of what a school is like by spending 1 minute in the playground watching the children. If you look at our playground, you will see it full of smiles, laughter, kindness and respect. That speaks volumes about BSD. Also, as a parent here for 5 years, my sons have many, many happy memories and made some lifelong friends.

David Gibson - Parent & Teacher
ISG Dammam

I have the pleasure of teaching at ISG and seeing children and young people challenged to become the best they can be. We have an excellent team of teachers at ISG who are highly supportive, motivated and dedicated who strive to provide the best possible education to grow and develop. I am proud to be a part of the ISG Dammam family.

Asma Hassan - Teacher
ISG Jubail

Why do I like working at ISG Jubail, you ask?  I’ve got three responses to that question:  1.  The students 2. The students, and 3. The STUDENTS.

They’re wonderful, highly engaged, and they really want to learn.

Kimberly Inge - MSHS Social Studies Teacher

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