Professional Development


Professional Development at ISG

The Teaching and Learning Office (TLO) at ISG oversees all the training and development of our teachers and staff throughout the year.  They also oversee curriculum development and conduct regular reviews to ensure alignment.

TLO ensures that ISG’s Strategic Goals are communicated to all our schools, they plan and organize the annual virtual summer school and publish an annual Learning Report.  The Learning Report is a comprehensive booklet which highlights all the teaching and learning that happened at ISG in the previous academic year. 

Teaching and Learning Office at ISG
ISG-Professional Development

Professional Development

At ISG, professional learning is centered on our mission and student achievement goals. Educators are encouraged to develop their professional skills through leadership opportunities and participation on committees.  Many professional development opportunities are available through a professional growth plan, curriculum workshops, book clubs and committees. We also engage with educational organizations across the world that support our goals and build capacity within our staff.


The Teaching and Learning Office conducts several events throughout the academic year including ISG Learns, Convocation, Student Career Fair and virtual Summer School.

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Strategic Goals

ISG’s Mission and Guiding Principles form the basis for all decision-making, and district-wide strategic goals are aimed at achieving our mission and increasing students’ development of the Core Values and characteristics of the Graduate Profile.  Our school community  is committed to four strategic goals: learner agency, compassionate action, growing literacy and system coherence.