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All ISG alumni – past students, graduates, teachers and staff – are invited to reconnect with their classmates and friends, teachers, and coaches to share memories and learn about the school today. Our goal is to forge lasting relationships with our unique community. Sign up to be a member of the ISG Alumni Association by clicking on the button below.

ISG Alumni Association
ISG Alumni Stories

ISG Alumni Stories

ISG alumni can be found almost in every country of the world.  However, as one of our graduates said, "The connection a lot of us have with our old lives here in Saudi is a sacred one and Alumni Association will be the perfect platform to showcase it."

Some of our alumni not only graduated from ISG, but also returned to work in different ISG schools.  What is it, if not a real family bond?

Upcoming Events

US Alumni Reunion
February 3, 2024

US Alumni Reunion

Why Join ISG Alumni Association?


We want you to help us keep the strong bonds keeping our community together. Reconnect with your fellow alumni. Share the precious childhood memories.


Help fellow alumni and get support from friends. Check out what interests, location or occupation unite you.

Career Opportunities

Connect with established professionals from different ISG schools and help each other pursue career changes.

The Alumni Association team are always glad to hear your ideas for future events.

Please contact us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

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