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Our Mission

We inspire innovation and compassionate action.

ISG Core Values

Respect, acceptance, integrity, responsibility with a commitment to act.

Our Graduate Profile

We support our students as they strive to reach their fullest intellectual potential. Our students are driven by integrity, acceptance of others, personal ambition, become capable of a lifetime high achievement. Through our strong academic programs and guided by our mission, core values and guiding principles, an ISG graduate will demonstrate the following characteristics:

Inspire and motivate others.

Purposeful and effective interaction with others.

Self-development, confidence and motivation.

Willingness and desire to do the right thing.

Belief that talents may be learned and perfected through perseverance.

Well-roundedness, focus and sustenance of a healthy lifestyle through an efficient and proficient use of time.

Embrace and respect diverse ideas to refine perspectives, balance judgment and inspire compassion.

Apply multiple perspectives and deep reasoning to real world situations.

Why Choose ISG

For over 60 years, we have given our students a leading educational experience in Saudi Arabia that propels them into university life fully ready and prepared for their next chapter. Our students grow with a strong sense of self, and our graduates make us proud with their achievements.

Sara Village School

Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the International Schools Group. Founded in 1962, ISG has earned a reputation for providing the highest quality U.S., U.K. and international education in the Eastern Province, with an emphasis on progressive teaching and learning. Our five schools each have their own distinct personality, but common to all is a warm, caring and diverse community that together represents over 50 nationalities.

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Board of Trustees

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