Your journey with International Schools Group begins now. 

Finding a school that meets your expectations is a key element to your journey into Saudi Arabia. We are excited to show you what makes our organization special.

Our admissions team is here to guide you through the admissions process. Below we have outlined the stages of the ISG application process with links to all the information you will need to apply, enroll and thrive at ISG. Please be sure to reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

ISG Admissions

Admissions Timeline

2024-25 School Year

Round 1 Admissions (Grades 2-12; Years 3-9 Only)

  • Application Deadline: January 11
  • Admission Decision Notifications: February 18

Round 2 Admissions (All Students)

  • Application Deadline: February 15
  • Admissions Decision Notifications: March 31

After February 15, rolling admission will be in effect, and spaces will be allocated until filled. Applications will be closed once seats have been filled and the waitlist is at full capacity.

Sara Village School accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.


2023-24 School Year

Admissions for the 2023-24 academic year are now closed.

Your Admissions Journey at ISG

1. Visit

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our schools. Please click below to book your visit to:

American School Dhahran        British School Dhahran        ISG Dammam        ISG Jubail        Sara Village School

2. Apply

Before you begin, check our table for grade equivalents and seat availability. Then, submit an online application and all required documents.

Document requirements vary depending on the grade/year, nationality and previous schooling of the applicant. Document requirements typically include the following:

  • A digital passport photo of the applicant. 
  • Applicant’s passport. (Saudis with dual citizenship must apply with their Saudi passport.)
  • Parents’ passports.
  • Applicant's birth certificate (3-5 year olds).
  • Current year-to-date report card in English.
  • Report cards for the past two years in English.
  • Standardized test scores.
  • Contact information for the last school attended. ISG will contact the school in order to obtain a confidential reference.
  • Special Education/IEP/504 records, including psychological test results (if applicable).
  • Financial clearance letter, if transferring from a KSA school.
  • Ministry of Education (MOE) approval letter (Saudis).
  • Application fee proof of payment.

The admissions team will review the application materials and notify you of any additional assessment or document requirements. Your child will be scheduled for an assessment, interview or classroom visit, depending on the grade they are entering. Only applicants with complete applications will be scheduled for assessments.

Once the application and all required assessments are complete, the school’s admissions committee will review your child’s application.

You will receive an email with an admission decision. If no seats are available in the year/grade, your child may be placed on a waitlist. If your child receives an offer for admission, you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the offer within a given time to allow us to manage our wait pool. 



3. Enroll

Upon receiving an acceptance notification, you will be asked to submit the following enrollment documents.

1. Government documents

  • Identification:
    • Sponsoring parent Saudi ID and family ID (Saudis).
    • Applicant and sponsoring parent/guardian iqamas (Non-Saudis).
  • Employment Letter: A letter from the sponsoring company acknowledging sponsorship/employment.
  • Attested report cards:
    • The final report card must include the school year, the student's grade or year level, the student’s grades/results, and whether the student was promoted to the next grade.
    • For families moving to Saudi Arabia, the student's final (last) report card must either have a Hague Apostille stamp OR be attested by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission/Saudi Embassy in the country where the report card was issued. 
    • For a list of countries issuing the Hague Apostille stamp, please visit the Hague Members website. Please have the report card attested before leaving your current country and bring it with you to Saudi Arabia (all students except U.S. citizens).
    • For applicants coming from in-kingdom schools outside the Eastern Province, the applicant’s report cards must be attested by the Foreign Education Department in the province where the school is located. 
  • Leaving certificate (out-of-kingdom applicants).

2. Medical forms

  • Health inventory.
  • Medical form signed and stamped by a physician.
  • Vaccination record with evidence of required vaccines.

3. Financial requirements

  • Enrollment agreement.
  • Tuition payment.

Once our admission team confirms all enrollment requirements are met, we will share your student’s start date and the next steps for a smooth transition to ISG.

ISG Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

ISG-Grade Equivalents

Admissions FAQs

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