Working at ISG

Working at ISG

Working at ISG

At ISG, we are committed to the safety and protection of children and young people and expect all employees and volunteers to share this commitment.

Protecting children is an important part of our role as an international educational institution. Child abuse and neglect are violations of a child’s human rights and are obstacles to a child’s education as well as their physical, emotional and spiritual development.

ISG’s Child Protection Policy is based on international law and on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

ISG SHRM Talent Management Award

Talent Management Award

In November 2023, ISG won the Silver Award for Excellence in Talent Management and Development presented by the Society of Human Resource Management - Middle East and North Africa (SHRM-MENA). SHRM is the world’s largest HR organization representing 330,000 members worldwide.  ISG is the first school to achieve an award with SHRM in the MENA region.

ISG is able to consider three applicant types:

International Applicant

International Applicant

Saudi National Applicants

Saudi National Applicant

ISG Dependent Applicant

Dependent Applicant


Due to Saudi Arabian employment regulations, some positions are eligible for only international (American and British) or Saudi national applicants.


Depending on the current visa allowances, sometimes the list of eligible international applicants is expanded to include Irish, Canadian, South African, Australian and New Zealander nationals also. All other nationalities are ineligible for international application.

Due to its popularity as a great place to work, ISG is fortunate to receive many applications each day for its open positions.  Please rest assured that if the hiring manager feels your qualifications and experience align with the requirements of the position, you will be contacted by them or a member of their hiring team for a conversation or interview.

Yes! Selected candidates will complete a work permit application in advance of receiving an employment agreement. Once completed, our Human Resources Office will assist with the process of applying for a work permit. Please note that a work permit is required to work at ISG and must be obtained prior to receiving an employment agreement, beginning work and receiving a salary.

Work permit application requirements include, but are not limited to:


  1. A copy of your university degree that has been apostilled or authenticated (stamped) by the Saudi Embassy or Cultural Mission/Bureau in the country where your degree was earned.
  2. A copy of your university transcripts.
  3. A valid Iqama (residency permit).
  4. Medical clearance (doctor’s certification of “fitness to work”).

Step 1: Contact an agency in the country where your degree was earned.


Step 2: Present yourself to the agency correctly by using the following language:

“I am a dependent of my spouse and currently residing in Saudi Arabia on a residency visa. I will retain my dependent status and continue to reside in Saudi Arabia on a residency visa, but would like to apply to work for the International Schools Group (ISG).

To receive permission to work from the Saudi Arabian Ministries of Education and Labor, and a contract from ISG,, I must first provide a copy of my Saudi authority-authenticated university degree. Based on this, please advise me on the steps I must complete to have my university degree authenticated by the proper Saudi authorities.”


Note: It is important for the person you communicate with at the agency to understand that you WILL NOT be an employee on a work visa sponsored by the ISG, and you WILL NOT be able to provide an employment contract, as this is the most common misunderstanding by visa agencies.


Step 3: Inquire if your university degree is eligible for authentication. If so, follow the agency's direction and submit the required documentation.


Step 4: Follow up regularly with the agency until you obtain authentication (stamp) of your university degree by the Saudi Embassy or Cultural Mission/ Bureau in the country where you received your education.