British School Dhahran

British School Dhahran

About BSD

British School Dhahran is a not-for-profit, coeducational, FS1 to Year 13 British curriculum school.  BSD follows the National Curriculum for England and delivers the externally assessed IGCSE and A level programmes. 

Learning is highly structured and each year is designed to build on the previous to ensure measured progress.  Broad and balanced, the curriculum helps students develop into well-rounded citizens.  While the curriculum focuses on delivering high academic standards, it also offers comprehensive sports, arts and activities programmes and ensures that character development is at the heart of education.

At BSD, we encourage our children to challenge themselves and to get the best out of their learning.  We also want them to be happy, to care for one another, to accept differences and to promote positivity within the school community. 


BSD Accreditation

Sports and Enrichment

Sports and activities are an important aspect of life at BSD and encourage good health and wellbeing.   Students may choose sports such as volleyball, football, basketball, badminton, track and field, cross country and swimming.  Competitions include the British Schools in the Middle East Games (BSME) and the Saudi Arabian Intra-Kingdom Activities Conference (SAIKAC), with opportunities for travel inside and outside the Kingdom.


Meet Our Staff and Students


I joined BSD in 2012 as a parent; my older child was in Year 7 and my younger one was in Year 1.  In our first stint in KSA from 2014-2018,  I was part of the BSD team as a TA in Primary and lab assistant in Secondary.  My family returned to Saudi in 2021 and I joined BSD as a science teacher in KS3 and Chemistry KS4/KS5. BSD is a wonderful family for my kids and I, which is justified by our return.

Hema Kosandar - Parent & Teacher

I am now in my 6th year at BSD. It is, without doubt, one of the most supportive, friendly work environments I have been in. The students are absolutely wonderful too. I always say you can get a genuine idea of what a school is like by spending 1 minute in the playground watching the children. If you look at our playground, you will see it full of smiles, laughter, kindness and respect. That speaks volumes about BSD. Also, as a parent here for 5 years, my sons have many, many happy memories and made some lifelong friends.

David Gibson - Parent & Teacher

The teaching styles are very easy to comprehend and the classes are very enjoyable and I learn a lot from them.

M.O. - Student

I like the environment and community that BSD offers, both socially and academically. I was able to blend right in during my first few days here!

E.K - Student

I taught in ISG Jubail where my two boys attended school, and we loved it. This is now my 9th year in BSD, and it is truly like a family. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments, cultures and traditions. ISG has a population of 50+ different nationalities with a culture of inclusiveness, compassion and happy learning.  Students and staff members practice teamwork in a friendly environment. This is the foundation of our teaching. At ISG, trust, respect, empowerment and appreciation are the common values across our school.

Soraya Kehoe - Parent & Teacher

I joined BSD in 2018 and it has reinvigorated me as a teacher. The kids are great to work with and you can always try new things in the classroom with them, broaden your skills and develop your teaching.

Tuna Altay - Teacher
Adelyn Markopoulos

BSD has always been such a warm, welcoming and supportive community and is a wonderful place to spend each day. The children's wellbeing is at the very heart of all that we do.

Adelyn Markopoulos - Teacher

BSD is a happy workplace where everyone matters. This is my 6th year teaching Year 1 at BSD.

Estelle le Roux - Teacher
Caroline Baker

I joined BSD in 2023 as a Year 3 class teachers. I think it is very special how much emphasis the BSD team focuses on and celebrates Character Strengths and growth mindset. The children feel empowered by discussing their strengths and are undaunted by the areas they could improve when thinking of them with a growth mindset attitude. Instead of "I can't do this," they learn to think "I can't do this yet."

Caroline Baker - Teacher

I joined BSD in 2005 as a parent; my eldest was in Year 5 and my youngest was in Year 2. Both have graduated from ISG’s International Baccalaureate Programme. I have been part of the BSD team for 18 years, which I consider to be a great indicator on how special my school is and how happy I am to be a member of the BSD family. The core values of my school drives my everyday life and shapes my goals as a teacher and meets my ideals as a person.

Hajer Ben Ali - Parent & Teacher

I am a parent of four children at BSD who joined the school in 2015. Our experience with the school has been rich in all areas. My children enjoy all the different unique opportunities, especially being able to compete in sports, and at the same time, receive the academic support they need to excel. We appreciate the efforts and continuous progress the school goes through to support our children for tomorrow.

Maha Sousak - Parent & Teacher