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Frequently Asked Questions

Families will receive new student information once all enrollment requirements are met. Additionally, before school begins, ISG will host an open house for all new students and families.

ISG schools are recognized by the world’s top education accreditation bodies:

  • All our ISG schools are accredited by The Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS)
  • British School Dhahran and Sara Village School are accredited by British School Overseas (BSO)
  • American School Dhahran and ISG Jubail are authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

Yes. ISG is a proud member of some of the most recognized educational networks and organizations in the world including:

  • Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA)
  • The Council of International Schools (CIS)
  • British Schools of the Middle East (BSME)
  • Association of the Advancement of International Education (AAEI)

The ISG dress policy is outlined in our student handbooks and reviewed each year.  Please make sure you are familiar with our current requirements before your child begins the school year.

British School of Dhahran (BSD) and  Sara Village School (SVS) require students to wear a school uniform each day.  BSD school uniforms may be purchased from ZAKS uniform store. SVS uniforms may be purchased at SVS. Please make arrangements to purchase your child’s uniform in advance of their start date. Information about the school's uniform is in the handbook.  

While the American School Dhahran (ASD), ISG Dammam and ISG Jubail do not have uniform requirements, they do have a dress code, which can be found in their school handbooks.

ASD and ISG Dammam students are required to wear school-branded physical education clothing for P.E. classes and competitions. ASD PE uniforms can be purchased from ZAKS uniform store. ISG Dammam PE uniforms may be purchased at the school. ISG Jubail students must wear athletic clothing during PE class.

The American School Dhahran (ASD) and the British School Dhahran (BSD) have cafeterias that offer daily lunch options including hot meals, salads, soups and vegetarian meals. Lunch on campus is approximately SAR 15. At BSD, students who are in FS1 - Year 2 are asked to bring their lunch each day. 

Both ASD and BSD also have a Starbucks vendor on site with drink options available to senior students, parents and staff.  

ISG Dammam students have access to a Joffrey’s kiosk that sells snack items. 

ISG Jubail offers a daily lunch option including a meal, side and drink. The lunch option is approximately SAR 15. ISG Jubail students also have access to a Joffrey’s kiosk that sells snack items.

Sara Village School students must bring their lunch to school each day.

Only ISG Jubail offers a bus service for a fee. ISG does not offer school transportation to the other ISG campuses. Most residential compounds offer daily transportation to and from school, and some even offer transportation when students have after-school activities. Please check with your employer and compound to see if this is a service they support. Alternatively, parents may arrange private transportation.

Yes. Activities include art, programming, mindfulness, yoga, board games, chess, public speaking, Model United Nations, debate, fun with math, dance, zumba and much more. We make sure to include activities that engage students, develop their interests, explore their creativity and learn new skills.

Middle school and high school students also have the option of joining sports that include volleyball, football, badminton, basketball, table tennis, cross country and swimming. Teams go on to participate in competitions against other schools in the district and the Kingdom, with some overseas travel for competitions on occasion.  We have a strong athletic program with world-class facilities on offer. Intra-school and inter-school competition sees many of our students compete in different parts of the GCC region.  ISG offers a range of after-school activities to our students, and we encourage everyone to get involved. 

Music, drama and art classes provide ISG students with an outlet to express themselves, with guidance from passionate staff. Arts exhibits, performance opportunities and international exchanges offer growth opportunities away from the classroom, exposing students to cultural and curricular challenges.

ISG students are encouraged to join established clubs or start their own groups that attract similar-minded peers. More information about after-school activities can be found on the schools' pages.

ISG offers a technically advanced learning environment which requires students to access a personal device. 

In ASD: Students in 3rd grade and above are required to have a device with a keyboard.  This can be a tablet with a keyboard or a laptop. 

In BSD all seniors are required to bring their own device and abide by the Bring Your Own Device Policy.

In ISG Dammam: Students are required to have their own devices starting at Grade 5. The Bring Your Own Device policy is here.

In ISG Jubail: Students are required to have their own device starting at Grade 5. The Bring Your Own Device policy is here.

In SVS: Students are not required to bring a device.  All devices will be provided by the school. However students are expected to abide by the Acceptable Use Policy.

Parents are an important part of our ISG family and we offer a number of ways parents can engage with us.  Each school has a parent volunteer group that helps organize and support larger events throughout the year such as International Day, bake sales and seasonal celebrations. In our elementary classes, teachers often request support from parents for special celebrations during the year. Please see your school’s handbook for information about joining the school’s parent volunteer group.

Students wishing to transfer between ISG schools should contact the admissions office at [email protected] to initiate the process.

Transfer applicants must apply for admission to the receiving school's admissions platform. Once the application is received, the admissions office will coordinate the transfer of documentation between the two schools.

Transfers are subject to a review of the student’s academic and behavioral standing at the current school as well as seat availability at the receiving school. Please note that a student must attend a minimum of one semester at the current school prior to a transfer.

Transfer applicants are not required to submit an application fee, but they are responsible for any differences in fees between the schools. Transfers will be subject to standard admissions and re-enrollment deadlines. Any outstanding government, medical, or financial enrollment requirements must be met prior to acceptance of the transfer.