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Tuition & Fees

International Schools Group is a not-for-profit organization of independent schools.  The not-for-profit model is the gold standard in international education as 100% of its revenue is reinvested into the schools to fund the cost of education.


2023-24 Tuition (in SAR, excluding VAT)

Grade/ Year ASD BSD ISG
PK / FS 1 N/A 29,975 N/A N/A
KG1-2 / FS 2 - Year 1 54,000 54,000 23,050 54,000
Grade 1-5 / Year 2-6 73,900 73,900 34,500 70,200
Grade 6-8 / Year 7-9 77,100 77,100 37,500 74,400
Grade 9-12 / Year 10-13 84,900 84,900 47,500 76,700
  • Saudi Nationals do not pay VAT on tuition.
  • ASD, ISG Dammam and ISG Jubail schools are not offering programs for Pre-Kindergarten level in 2023-24.
  • Based on the parents' decision the invoice will be issued either as a single lump sum plan or as an installment plan, (three equal installments charged 2,000 SAR (excl. VAT).
  • New students enrolling after September 30, 2023 will only have the option of making a lump sum single payment. Tuition will be prorated based on the enrollment start date.
  • The installment plan is not a per term payment. This plan does not cover specific periods of attendance. All installments must be paid even if the student withdraws mid-year.
  • A parent or company may declare in advance that a student will attend only a portion of the school year. This must be declared before the eleventh day of school. The partial plan is charged 2,000 SAR (excl. VAT).


Sibling Discount

  • Families with three (3) or more children at an ISG school are eligible for a discount on tuition.
  • The discount applies to the third child (and subsequent children) in the youngest grade(s) only.
  • The discount will be 20% of that child's tuition. If the installment plan is chosen, the discounted rate will be applied equally to all installment payments.


Other Fees (in SAR, excluding VAT)

2023-24 Application Fee 2,400 2,400 800 2,400
New Student Enrollment Fee 10,000 10,000 5,000 10,000
Installment Plan Fee 2,000 2,000 500 2,000
Partial-Year Enrollment Plan Fee  2,000 2,000 N/A 2,000
  • The Application Fee is non-refundable and non-deferrable.
  • The New Student Enrollment Fee will also be applied if a student returns to ISG after an absence of more than three (3) years.