ASD and ISG Jubail Participate in the SAIKAC Music Festival

ISG District
Mar 21 2024


SAIKAC Music Festival 2024

The recent SAIKAC Music Festival on March 8-9 brought together talented musicians from various schools to showcase their skills and passion for music. American School Dhahran, and ISG Jubail participated and ASD welcomed the following schools on their campus: SAES Dhahran, SAES RasTanura, SAES Abqaiq , SAES Udhailiyah, American International School Riyadh, British International School Jeddah, American International School Jeddah and The KAUST School making it a truly collaborative and vibrant event.

In total, 230 students from grades 7 to 12 joined forces to deliver captivating performances, with 44 students representing ASD and 15 students from ISG Jubail. The festival featured a diverse range of musical talents, including band and choir performances that enthralled the audience.

Preparation for the festival required considerable dedication and effort from the students, who engaged in independent practice sessions to perfect their pieces. Additionally, participating schools gathered in Dhahran for three days of intensive rehearsals, ensuring that they were well-prepared for the grand event.

The festival itself was spectacular, with each performance reflecting the hard work and commitment of the students. Events like the SAIKAC Music Festival bring the spotlight on students who have a passion for music. It was a pleasure to witness such musical talent and camaraderie among the students.

As the host school, ISG extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in organizing and preparing for the event. Special thanks go to Ned Fortescue, Kris Hammer, the Parent Teacher Group, the administrators from ASD and BSD, Holly Cruddas and Salwa Mohammed. Their dedication and support were instrumental in making the SAIKAC Music Festival a resounding success.

Overall, the festival was a testament to the power of music in bringing people together and inspiring excellence. We look forward to many more opportunities for our students to showcase their talents and continue spreading the joy of music within our school community.