40 BSD Students Embark on the Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey to Sri Lanka

Mar 25 2024


40 BSD Students Embark on the Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey to Sri Lanka

This year's Duke of Edinburgh adventurous journey proved to be an unforgettable experience for 40 British School Dhahran students spanning from Year 9 to Year 11, who embarked on a captivating excursion to Sri Lanka from March 3-8, 2024. Throughout their journey, students traversed the scenic tea estates of Kandy, delved into the rich history of tea at the museum, and encountered the majestic elephants at the sanctuary. They also immersed themselves in the vibrant culture of Negombo's fishing village and enjoyed a day at the beach.

This journey provided students with invaluable lessons in self-care, teamwork and environmental leadership. They gained insights into the diverse flora, fauna and ecosystems of both Sri Lanka and their home in the Saudi Arabian desert, prompting reflections on human impact on the environment. Students spent many days disconnected from technology and forged lasting memories with friends and honed their resilience and campcraft skills.

Returning home, students expressed profound gratitude for the privileges often taken for granted, while also enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. For many, the journey served as a transformative experience, pushing them beyond their comfort zones and fostering personal growth.

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to our dedicated chaperones, including Mrs. Hema Kosandar, Mr. Franz, Mrs. Tania Schnetler, Mrs. Rachel Gray, Mr. David Gibson, Mr. Raymond Rowe and Mrs. Hayfa Homsi, whose guidance and support ensured a safe and enriching experience for all.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a prestigious program designed to empower and challenge young individuals aged 14 to 24, encouraging them to engage in a variety of activities that foster personal development and skills enhancement.

At BSD, our students undertake a series of tasks across four main categories: volunteering, physical fitness, skills development and adventurous journey. Through these experiences, they cultivate leadership qualities, resilience and a sense of responsibility while broadening their horizons and contributing positively to their communities.

Completion of the program culminates in the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh's Award, recognized internationally for its promotion of character building and holistic personal growth. British School Dhahran is proud to be the only school in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia that offers the program.