Anti-Vaping Seminar for High School and Middle School Students

ISG Dammam
Mar 31 2024


Anti-Vaping Seminar for High School and Middle School Students

Our High School Science Club in conjunction with the High School National Honors Society hosted a seminar on Thursday morning for high school students and then for middle school students to engage and inform them on the dangers of vaping.

Dr. Khaled Mohamed Iesa, a general practitioner, emergency room doctor and alumnus from the class of 2010, delivered an engaging and informative address, helping our students to understand the impact of vaping on our physical bodies and mental health, especially focused on the impact on young people.

Students eagerly listened and asked questions, demonstrating their interest in understanding the complicated nature of addiction. Additionally, students shared the posters they created to support awareness of the harmful impact of vaping.

Peer-to-peer sharing of information is a powerful way to enhance knowledge and aid in changing behavior and ideas, specifically surrounding vaping. ISG Dammam is committed to providing our students with the knowledge to develop healthy habits for their lifetime.