ASD Elementary School Art Exhibit

Apr 29 2024


ASD Elementary School Art Exhibit

This week at American School Dhahran we celebrated the culmination of months of exploration, experimentation and artistic expression as elementary students delved into various concepts and techniques under the guidance of their art teacher, Ms. Hadeer El Tahtawy.

Throughout the semester, students have learned and explored a wide range of artistic concepts, including color theory, composition, perspective and artistic styles. They have honed their drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media skills, discovering new ways to communicate their ideas and emotions through visual storytelling.

As part of their learning journey, students have delved into the works of famous artists from different periods and cultures, studying their techniques and artistic philosophies. Through research and analysis, they have gained insights into artists' lives and creative processes such as Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Claude Monet and many others.

By studying the works of these masters, students have learned how to draw inspiration from their artistry while maintaining their own unique voice and perspective. They have explored the concept of artistic inspiration versus imitation, discovering the importance of originality and personal expression in their creative endeavors.