ASD Student Chosen to Display Her Poster at College Board Event

Feb 14 2024


ASD Student to Display her Poster at the College Board MENA Forum

Congratulations to our AP Capstone student for winning the opportunity to showcase her AP project poster at the MENA Forum at American University in Dubai, hosted by the College Board.

Our student’s project is supervised by her teacher, Mr. Michael Smith, and is titled:  The Flavors of Expatriate Life: A Motivation-Study of Female Trailing Spouses and their Small Food Businesses in Middle Eastern Expatriate Communities
The College Board will host its second annual MENA Forum on March 1, 2024, which will provide opportunities for key decision-makers and thought-leaders from the education sector across the MENA region to connect, strategize, and learn about preparing students for a successful transition to university.

The forum will feature in-progress work by students currently enrolled in AP Capstone programs across the Middle East.  Students were asked to provide digital posters which summarize their AP Research academic paper, similar to a science fair or history fair. Students are not expected to have completed their projects by time of submission to the MENA Forum. Instead, they are encouraged to share their works in progress.

The poster will include:  Introduction and literature review; method, process, or approach; results, product, or findings; discussion, analysis, and/or evaluation; conclusions and future directions.
Congratulations to our ASD student and her teacher on such a unique and commendable opportunity.