Biography Book Clubs with our Upper Elementary Students

ISG Dammam
Mar 21 2024


Biography Book Clubs with our Upper Elementary Students

On Thursday, March 14, our elementary students were delighted to share their Biography Book Club Mini Lessons.

Students were presented with the challenge of diving deep into different biographies of famous individuals and pulling out from the text the essential pieces of information to explore their lives, challenges and contributions to society.  Students showcased their learning by creating captivating posters to enthusiastically share their knowledge with others, discussing key aspects of the person's life and their impact on the world. We were amazed by the depth of understanding and the passion with which the students shared their findings.

Biographies provide a beautiful opportunity for our young students to see how great contributions to society come through the work of individuals who were once young engaged learners, just like our students at ISG Dammam. It was truly inspiring to witness their engagement and enthusiasm during this celebration. Thank you so much to the inspiring teachers for providing this impactful learning experience for our students.