Community Appreciation Iftar During Ramadan

ISG Dammam
Mar 21 2024


Community Appreciation Iftar During Ramadan

This Ramadan, the National Honor Society, and the Compassion Club provided a special opportunity for the custodians and guards who work at ISG Dammam to enjoy an iftar dinner together.

Through generous contributions from the entire ISG Dammam community, our wonderful custodians and guards had the opportunity to gather and feast on an Iftar meal from a local restaurant in our canteen. Students form the National Honor Society and the Compassion Club helped to set up the dinner for our custodial team.

These special opportunities during Ramadan allow our community to express our appreciation for the incredible work done to make our school a beautiful and safe place for our students and teachers. We are grateful for the generosity of our entire ISG Dammam community in contributing during this joyous month.

On March 20, the high school junior and senior class also had an iftar.  High school students and staff enjoyed eating at a local restaurant, ending their fast together with over 85 students and staff members in attendance.

At ISG Dammam, we inspire compassionate action and one way in which we accomplish this goal is to provide opportunities for our community to celebrate the cultures, traditions and practices of our shared home together.