Elementary School Global Delicacies Celebration in Arabic Classes

ISG Dammam
Jun 09 2024


Elementary School Global Delicacies Celebration in Arabic Classes

The elementary school Arabic department celebrated the beautiful diversity of students at ISG Dammam with a celebration of global delicacies. Students brought in a sample of food from each of their home countries and shared a little bit about their home country and the food culture there. The classes were then able to sample each food item, celebrating the incredible diversity of students, experiences, and cultures at ISG Dammam.

Students shared dishes from Jordan, India, Pakistan, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  There were sweet and savory dishes and the students were delighted to try familiar items and new dishes that excited and sparked their imaginations.

At ISG Dammam, we celebrate the rich cultural heritage of each of our students, celebrate our differences and find commonalities among our various experiences. We are grateful to our elementary school Arabic teachers for providing this exciting opportunity for our elementary school students to share, learn and grow.