Elementary School Math Celebration

ISG Dammam
Jun 08 2024


Elementary School Math Celebration

The ISG Dammam elementary school was thrilled to host  Math Celebrations, a fun-filled day dedicated to sparking excitement and fostering a love for mathematics.

On Thursday, June 6, students in grades KG2-5 showcased their problem-solving skills by tackling challenging problems on display in the auditorium. It was an excellent opportunity for our students to put their math skills to the test in a variety of different formats, such as games and puzzles.  

Parents and siblings were invited to campus to see students use their math skills and to see them tackle challenging problems with determination and creativity.  Students were invited and encouraged to see math as part of their everyday lives with problems examining math in everyday settings.  Students also explored how math is used when creating art and design by examining geometric patterns and shapes that can be incorporated into stunning artistic creations. Students learned that they could develop their artistic creations using the principles of math that they had learned throughout the year.

We are grateful for the staff and students at ISG Dammam who realize the beauty and creativity of math and strive to celebrate math in our everyday lives.