Elementary School Mindful Week

ISG Jubail
Apr 04 2024


ISG Jubail Elementary School Mindful Week

This week, the elementary school at ISG Jubail celebrated its very first 'Mindful Week,' a special initiative led by the ES Student Council. The goal was simple yet profound: to encourage students to think deeply and make decisions with intention. The council had noticed areas within our school culture they believed could be enhanced, and Mindful Week was their innovative solution.

Much like Spirit Weeks, Mindful Week featured a unique theme for each day, designed to foster a sense of unity, respect and self-expression among students. The week kicked off with "Collaboration and Buddy Class Day," where students of different ages teamed up for shared learning experiences. "Different Day" broke the routine, inviting students to engage in new games, explore new places and make new friends. "Respect and Inspiration Day" was a chance for students to honor their role models by dressing up as someone who inspires them, while also focusing on showing extra respect to others. "Be Yourself Day" encouraged everyone to proudly display their true colors and share their genuine selves with the community. The week wrapped up with "Pajama and Celebration Day," a day to reflect on our community's achievements and enjoy each other's company in the most comfortable attire.

Reflecting on the week, fourth-grade Student Council member Elisha said, "Mindful Week was all about making everyone feel more connected and welcome at our school." Her fellow council member, Gentri, added, "It's crucial for us to challenge ourselves, support one another, and learn together. Being mindful makes life better for everyone."

Through Mindful Week, ISG Jubail's elementary school not only aimed to enrich its school culture but also to instill values of mindfulness, respect and community in its students. ISG Jubail would like to thank Graham Laing for all his work in planning and organizing Mindful Week for our community.