Middle School Inter Club Debate

ISG Dammam
Feb 06 2024



The middle school debate club participated in an interclub debate on Sunday, February 4, and Tuesday, February 6.

The teams used the skills they have developed over the last five months to compete against each other, facing off on two different topics that they have been researching. The two topics are“Is learning a foreign language beneficial for learners?” and “The impact of Artificial Intelligence in our world”.

The middle school debate team demonstrated a passion for debating using sound arguments, facts and compassion.  We love to see our students engage in meaningful activities like debate club that develop their critical thinking, listening, analytical, communication and time management skills, their research, public speaking, teamwork and conflict resolution abilities, and develop their confidence.

As students analyze information, assess arguments, think of persuasive techniques, gather evidence and statistics, address the audience, participate in discussions while listening attentively and learn to navigate disagreements, analyze complex issues, balance and share their responsibilities, they not only enrich their academic and intellectual skills, but prepare for numerous real-world situations.