Speed Information Session in Senior School

Jan 28 2024



Students spent some time this morning listening to their older peers in senior school describe the different subject options that they can choose from next year. Students described the curriculum, coursework and time commitment needed to study for these rigorous subjects, and also answered their younger peers' questions.

We are glad to see the sense of camaraderie between our students and the excitement they had to share their knowledge with their peers. They were eager to help them be prepared and informed for when it is time to make their decisions and choose their subjects at the end of the year.

The IGCSE subjects offer our students a broad choice of options, open up their minds and prepare them for the rigor and time commitment needed for the A level subjects in Year 12 and 13. IGCSE qualifications follow the National Curriculum for England and are recognized worldwide. External IGCSE examinations are held at the end of Year 11. British School Dhahran is a registered examination centre for Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Both examination boards are recognized worldwide and prepare our students well for their post-16 education.