Using AI to Critically Enhance Learning in an English, Mathematics and Science Classroom

ISG Dammam
Apr 29 2024


Using AI to critically Enhance Learning in an English, Maths, and Science Classroom

Three ISG Dammam middle school teachers collaborated to provide an exciting and interactive artificial intelligence workshop for our Grade 7 students.

Ms. Nadia teaches English, Ms. Vandita teaches science and Ms. Princita teaches math. They each tackled a different subject and how students can use artificial intelligence to help guide, supplement and inform their learning process in these three disciplines.

The interactive workshop is part of an emerging and developing program to help students understand and implement the power of AI in the classroom. Students were divided into groups and given an AI platform to explore and discuss how the platform can be used. Students were then given a problem or issue and challenged to think about how AI could help them tackle the problem quickly and efficiently.

Through these challenges, students used critical thinking skills and creativity to uncover how AI can be used in a variety of ways to solve a variety of problems, including how to create an video to explain how the lower intestine operates, how AI can help provide a formula to solve a math problem and create practice questions based on concepts and how AI can provide necessary mentor texts to guide them in their writing and provide feedback on their writing. Students were able to see how AI can be used as a tool to support their learning.

Ms. Nadia shared that embracing AI as part of our daily learning lives is crucial and that AI is a tool that all students can use to help in the learning process to become critical thinkers.

Students were eager and excited to see how these evolving technologies can be harnessed to create a more creative and innovative learning experience. We are grateful for the forward-thinking staff at ISG Dammam who are helping students explore the emerging world of AI.