Frequently Asked Questions at ASD

We encourage you to visit our campus and see the facilities that ASD offers. 

Weekly tours are available by appointment only.  If you’re scheduling an in-person visit, you must bring a valid ID to clear security.  A visitor's badge will be provided and must be worn visibly during your time with us. 

To schedule a visit, please click here. You may also click the button at the top of the page.

If you are unable to visit in person, please contact [email protected] for more information about our virtual tours.

ASD has a student-parent handbook, which contains information about school contacts, dress code, school schedules, attendance, activities, technology, and much more. 

ASD Student-Parent Handbook

The ISG dress policy is outlined in our student handbooks and reviewed each year.  Please make sure you are familiar with our current requirements before your child begins the school year.

American School Dhahran, does not have uniform requirements, however it does have a dress code, which can be found in their school handbook.

ASD students are required to wear school-branded physical education clothing for PE classes and competitions. ASD PE uniforms can be purchased from the ZAKS uniform store.

ASD has a cafeteria that offers daily lunch options including hot meals, salads, soups and vegetarian meals. Lunch on campus is approximately SAR 15. ASD also has a Starbucks vendor on site with drink options available to high school students, parents and staff.

ASD does not offer school transportation to the ASD campus. Most residential compounds offer daily transportation to and from school, and some even offer transportation when students have after-school activities. Please check with your employer and compound to see if this is a service they support. Alternatively, parents may arrange private transportation.

ASD offers a technically advanced learning environment, and students are either provided with technological devices or required to bring their own devices. Students are required to bring their own device in Grades 4-12. 

Please also see the ISG Technology Use Agreement.

Parents are an important part of our ASD family and we offer a number of ways parents can engage with us.  ASD has a parent volunteer group that helps organize and support larger events throughout the year such as International Day, bake sales and seasonal celebrations. In our elementary classes, teachers often request support from parents for special celebrations during the year. Please see your school’s handbook for information about joining the school’s Parent Teacher Group (PTG).

ASD Students