Celebrating Outstanding Achievement in Math at the ISG Jubail Math Awards

ISG Jubail
Jun 06 2024


Celebrating Outstanding Achievement in Math at the ISG Jubail Math Awards

ISG Jubail is thrilled to share the exciting highlights from the recent Math Awards Ceremony, a celebration of our talented students' outstanding achievements in mathematics. The event, organized by Ms. Preetha Nataraj, the dynamic leader of our middle school Math Club, MathCounts coach, AMC 8 coach, Gauss Math competition coach and Math Premier League coach, was a resounding success. It showcased the incredible hard work and dedication of our math enthusiasts.

Celebrating Excellence in Mathematics

The ceremony was an inspiring occasion where certificates, trophies, medals and even pencils were distributed to honor the exceptional performance of our Math Club students. The results of the Gauss Math competition, organized by the University of Waterloo, the MathCounts competition and the AMC 8 were announced, highlighting the achievements of our middle and high school students.

Gauss Math Competition Results

The Gauss Math Competition saw our students excel at various levels:

Notable Achievement: One remarkable student achieved the highest score in the Gauss Grade 8 contest, ranking in the top 25% of contestants globally. At the school level, this student secured 2nd place, ranked 5th in Saudi Arabia, and achieved 2nd place at both the district and school levels.

MathCounts and AMC 8 Triumphs

The MathCounts and AMC 8 competitions also brought forth remarkable achievements:

Outstanding Performance: One particular student earned first place at the school level, first place in Saudi Arabia and an impressive third place in the district, earning the title of most decorated math club student. This student received several trophies and medals, a testament to their exceptional talent and hard work.

Math Premier League Success

High school students participating in the Math Premier League demonstrated their prowess, showcasing the depth of mathematical talent within our school. Their dedication and achievements were celebrated, further emphasizing the importance of mathematical competitions in fostering a community of growth and excellence.