MathCounts Competition

ISG Jubail
Feb 15 2024


ISG Jubail MathCounts Competition

ISG Jubail was thrilled to participate in the district-wide MATHCOUNTS competition launched earlier this year.  MATHCOUNTS is a non-profit organization that provides engaging and challenging international math competitions for middle school students, designed to promote mathematical excellence.

Thirty-two ISG Jubail students signed up for Math Club and 12 students participated in the MATHCOUNTS Countdown category on February 13-14.

MATHCOUNTS is a series of middle school math competitions that provides students the opportunity to showcase their mathematical skills in a competitive and collaborative setting. It aims to foster a love for mathematics and build problem-solving abilities.

The competition consists of individual and team rounds where students tackle challenging math problems that go beyond the standard curriculum, emphasizing problem-solving, critical thinking and mathematical creativity. The competition series is structured to encourage teamwork and a competitive spirit among students while enhancing self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment through goal setting and achievement. The series also involves students and teachers in coaching sessions, providing valuable opportunities for learning.

Competition Levels:
There are 4 levels in the MATHCOUNTS competition series: School, Chapter, State and National. At each level winners and participants will be recognised.  Student participation will begin at the School (Jubail) and District (all ISG) levels, however, depending on performance, qualifying teams may have additional opportunity to compete at the next levels in Washington DC in the United States. National competitors will receive a plaque and other items in recognition of their achievements. Winning teams and individuals will also receive medals, trophies and college scholarships.

The Tests:
The MATHCOUNTS test comprises four rounds: Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown. The Sprint round challenges students with 30 rapid-fire problems, testing their ability to work quickly and accurately. The Target round consists of eight more in-depth problems, and students have more time to solve them. The Team round involves collaborative problem-solving with teammates. Finally, the Countdown round is a fast-paced, head-to-head competition.

Math Club and Coaching:
Selected students and any interested participants were given the opportunity to be part of the Math Club. Coaching sessions are provided twice a week after school to prepare students for the MATHCOUNTS competitions.