Spring Spectacular 2024

ISG Jubail
Feb 10 2024


ISG Jubail Spring Spectacular 2024

Written by an ISG Jubail student in Grade 9.

During the delightful annual Spring Spectacular, held on Saturday, February 10, excitement and joy filled the air at ISG Jubail. The annual extravaganza brought together people from all corners and schools of Jubail City for a day brimming with fun, laughter and camaraderie. Showcasing various rich cultures, bridging together all attendees and enhancing cultural enrichment.

From the moment attendees arrived at 10:00 a.m., they were greeted with an exhilarating array of activities and entertainment for all ages.


The event featured a vibrant array of activities that appealed to attendees of all ages. From jumping castles to face painting and colored hair sprays, there was fun for everyone.


Participants gleefully navigated through games such as twister, sack races and balloon darts, showcasing their skills and sportsmanship. Several students enjoyed the variety of prizes, the Water Gun being the best.

Country Stalls:

The heart of the event and one of the most enchanting aspects of Spring Spectacular was the diverse selection of stalls representing various countries and cultures. Decorated with rich designs and delicious foods the country stalls hosted a large variety of countries. From the spicy flavors of Venezuela and Pakistan to the rich heritage of South Africa and the vibrant traditions of South Korea, and from the elegance of France to the vibrancy of Turkey, attendees embarked on a culinary and cultural journey like no other without leaving our school grounds.

Additionally, small businesses adorned with elegant clothes, jewelry, shoes, handmade bags, wallets, purses, candles and other handmade crafts added a touch of sophistication and collective creativity to the event.


Throughout the day, singing and dancing performances dazzled the audiences, showcasing the talent and diversity of our community. From traditional folk dances to contemporary hits, performers of all ages captivated the crowd with their skill and passion. The festivities culminated in the final raffle event, where all attendees gathered on the large pitch awaiting the announcements.


As the day drew to a close, anticipation reached its peak for the highly awaited raffle event. Excited whispers filled the air as lucky winners were announced, the numbers of the tickets booming through the air. Lucky winners walked away with an iPad, a bicycle, gift cards, a delectable box of chocolates and luxurious perfumes.

ISG Jubail extends heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed to the success of the Spring Spectacular, especially the Parent Teacher Organization. From organizers and volunteers to participants, staff members, and vendors, your dedication and enthusiasm made this event truly memorable.

In joining together to celebrate the spirit of community and togetherness at our Spring Spectacular, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to create more cherished memories together next year!

Please watch a recap and some highlights of the 2024 Spring Spectacular here.