ISG Dammam Elementary School

ISG Dammam Elementary School
Elementary School Curriculum Overview

Elementary school is the place where our students take their first steps toward independence, embarking on their journey of lifelong learning.

At ISG Dammam, teachers in elementary school make the adage, “Learning is Fun” assume a larger-than-life meaning. The stimulating, hands-on curriculum ensures children enjoy every single day of school, looking forward each year to the myriad activities on offer. Fall Festival, International Week, Speak Out, and Friendship Week, coupled with regular field trips, movie days, and sporting events are just some of the regular events our students enjoy.

ISG Dammam's new Balanced Literacy initiative ensures we produce robust, tech-savvy, well-rounded, well-informed students. We recognize the uniqueness of each child, and we develop their inherent strengths and natural curiosity to give them responsible voice and choice in their development and learning. 

We also instill the responsible use of technology, advocating safety rules that ensure their total privacy and safety. Our Writer’s Workshop and Reader’s Workshop programs equip our students to become avid readers and prolific writers where students are able to talk about their thinking, challenge their ideas, grow new ideas, and put their thoughts into action, culminating in the annual Literary Fair. 

Through a partnership with parents and teachers, we aim to create an engaging, collaborative environment that creates a body of learners that will have the skills to be the change agents of today’s world.

At ISG Dammam, we realize the importance of extracurricular activities as well. Our co-curricular subjects of art, technology, and PE further enrich our students’ knowledge, helping them evolve into sensible and responsible world citizens.

ISG Dammam Activities


ISG Dammam offers a variety of after-school activities, aimed at encouraging our students to become well-rounded individuals through the pursuit of sports, hobbies, music, performance and other extracurricular activities. Students in elementary school have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that support and complement our curriculum.