ISG Dammam Middle School

ISG Dammam Middle School
Middle School Curriculum Overview

Middle school is a transitional period from elementary school to high school and is a challenging time of growth and change. 

ISG Dammam middle school runs from Grade 6-8 and follows a standards-based learning approach.  In this approach, a system of instruction, assessment, grading and academic reporting is used.  Students are graded based on their understanding or mastery of the knowledge and skills that are expected of them, which are required for their progress to their next level of education.

Our core curriculum consists of English, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, and physical education. All students take Arabic as required by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

Grade 6 students have the following electives to choose from: visual arts, digital citizenship and library.  Grade 7 and 8 students can choose from visual arts, graphic design, chemistry in the kitchen and the physics of toys.  The electives on offer change annually.

Middle schoolers are provided with support and opportunities to meet their particular needs: greater independence, health and physical education, chances to participate in planning and managing their own activities, facing the challenges of growing up, exploring new interests and developing skills of responsibility and empathy. Their ability to grow and develop will set the stage for high school and beyond.

Our counselor works in tandem with teachers and administration to provide guidance, social and emotional support to students. She also provides academic support if needed, in coordination with our faculty. 

ISG Dammam athletics

Athletics and Activities

ISG Dammam is home of the Leopards.

Starting in middle school students have the opportunity to join age appropriate athletic teams that foster an appreciation of dedication and teamwork.  Practice happens after school hours, and students are coached by P.E teachers or other ISG Dammam staff.