ISG Jubail Athletics and Activities

ISG Jubail Athletics
ISG Jubail Athletics

ISG Jubail is a member of Saudi Arabian Intra-Kingdom Athletics Conference (SAIKAC), an organization that includes 16 schools throughout the Kingdom. Through this, students have the opportunity to compete in tournaments during the year in the following sports: table tennis, volleyball, soccer, cross country, cricket, basketball, badminton, netball and softball.

At the end of the year, ISG Jubail honors its athletes at the Annual Sports Banquet where they receive letters, pins and trophies.  Coaches identify most valuable players (MVP) in each team and the athletes of the year are selected from these players. More than 80 athletes, coaches and parents attend this event and it grows each year.


An integral part of every child’s education is not only what happens in the classroom, but after school as well. We focus on the rounded development of the individual, and encourage all students to participate in at least one extra-curricular activity.

After School Activities (ASAs) are organized into trimesters to allow students to participate in a different activity every ten weeks. The program helps promote a positive school spirit, motivates students and broadens opportunities for learning. 

ISG Jubail High School Activities
ISG Jubail Elementary Activities

Elementary School Activities

Student in elementary participate in all our all school celebrations such as Spring Spectacular, International Day and Saudi National Day.  The 100th day of school is also an anticipated event. After school activities include debate, chess, gardening, drama, art, STEM, games, Lego, karate, string instruments and more.  Our after school activities offering change every term.

ISG Jubail Middle School Activities

Middle School Activities

Students in middle school enjoy participating in International Day, Saudi National Day, Week Without Walls and Spring Spectacular.  After school activities include robotics, Jaguar TV, Writing Club, table tennis, fitness, middle school Student Council, Model United Nations, music lessons and STEAM activities.

ISG Jubail Middle School Activities

High School Activities

Some of the activities and community service opportunities at ISG Jubail high school are International Day, Spring Spectacular, Week Without Walls (WoW), high school Student Council, National Honor Society, Habitat for Humanity International, Model United Nations, Yearbook club, ISGJ Today, Peer-to-Peer Tutoring and Peers as Leaders.