ISG Jubail High School

ISG Jubail High School
High School Curriculum Overview

In high school at ISG Jubail, we prepare students for the challenges they will face in higher education and an increasingly globalized world. Students develop their passions, find their voices, and plan for their future throughout their secondary years. 

ISG Jubail offers a rigorous curriculum and academic core in addition to a broad range of exploratory and elective offerings. Starting at Grade 9, students follow the American standards-based curriculum and take English, Fine and Performing Arts, World Languages in French, Spanish and Arabic, Math, PE, Science and Social Studies. 

Beginning in Grade 11, students undertake the two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Our success is underpinned by our dedicated and professional staff, responsible application and integration of technology and our wonderfully inquisitive and energetic student body.

jub-u1 6-soccer-jamboree


ISG Jubail is home of the Jaguars!

Our U16 and U19 teams participate in ISG Jamborees and the Saudi Arabian Intra-Kingdom Athletics Conference (SAIKAC) in the following sports: table tennis, volleyball, soccer, cross country, cricket, basketball, badminton, netball and softball.

At the end of the year, ISG Jubail honors its athletes at the Annual Sports Banquet where they receive letters, pins and trophies.  Coaches identify most valuable players (MVP) in each team and the athletes of the year are selected from these players. More than 80 athletes, coaches and parents attend this event and it grows each year.


ISG Jubail High School Activities

After school activities are an integral part of every student's education to develop well-rounded individuals. While optional, much of our student body participates throughout the year. 

The ASA program helps promote a positive school spirit, motivates students and broadens opportunities for learning. Students participating accept a lifestyle that supports ISG Jubail’s Graduate Profile, which outlines a balanced life and service to others.

Some of the most anticipated activities at ISG Jubail high school are International Day, the Jaguar Jump Off, WoW week, and Spring Spectacular.

ISG Jubail High School Activities


ISG College and University Preparatory Program

When our students enter high school, we encourage them to start thinking about their future after ISG.  We provide opportunities to take SAT practice tests and share information about TOEFL, IELTS, the Misk program, and the Aramco CPP program.

Our school counselors meet with students regularly to  give guidance on choosing universities based on students’ aspirations.  They remind them of deadlines, assist in preparing applications and share important resources, references and scholarship information.

High school students also engage in a number of college fairs, career fairs and university presentations and learn about the admissions processes to universities in the US, Canada, UK and the Middle East.  

College representatives also have regular visits to speak about writing essays, speak about different majors and answer questions from our students. 

ISG Alumni Association