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Little Thinking Minds

In January 2021, a new digital Arabic platform was adopted as a supplement to the current ISG Arabic curriculum in line with the Ministry of Education. Partnering with Little Thinking Minds, ISG introduced I Read Arabic and I Start Arabic, two programs designed to improve Arabic literacy and fluency in a fun and engaging way for children.

I Read Arabic offers over 20 levels based on learning outcomes aligned with the national curriculum in the Kingdom. It is the first and most comprehensive digital program of its kind.

I Start Arabic is designed for non-native Arabic speakers and contains hundreds of resources, including e-books and videos as well as online exercises for beginners to mid-level learners. It offers nine levels, each divided into several categories containing its own resources like flashcards and worksheets.

Jude B., a grade 3 student at ASD, says that he likes this program because “it has lots of fun games and it’s easy to use.”

Unique to these digital programs are teacher apps with hundreds of resources and detailed reports to monitor usage and track progress. For students, there is a voice recording feature to enhance speaking skills and over 700 e-books to develop comprehension skills and expand vocabulary.

For more information, check out these videos: I Read Arabic and  I Start Arabic.