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The Saudi Arabian Intra-Kingdom Activities Conference (SAIKAC) is dedicated to designing, implementing and promoting superior athletic events and activities through inter-school and leadership initiatives among its member schools and student participants. The organization includes 15 schools throughout the Kingdom. SAIKAC sponsors activities in order to encourage socialization, intercultural cooperation, to develop a sense of fair play and to understand the importance of participating to the best of one’s abilities.

All eligible ISG schools are members of SAIKAC: ASD, BSD, ISG Dammam and ISG Jubail. ISG students participate in SAIKAC activities for boys and girls in all three age groups: U14, U16 and U19. The main activities include MS & HS Model United Nations, Student Council Congress, MS Band & Choir, and HS Music Festival.

SAIKAC athletic activities are designed to complete the educational development of the whole child at ISG. Students have the opportunity to compete in core sports tournaments during the year: volleyball, soccer, cross country, basketball and badminton. There are also invitational competitions for table tennis, track and field, cricket and netball. The year is split into three seasons: fall, winter and spring. The highlight of the season is the SAIKAC tournament.

If you want to check the schedule of SAIKAC events, please visit our calendar page.