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BSD Sports and Activities
BSD Sports

Sports and enrichment are an important aspect of life at British School Dhahran and encourage good health and wellbeing.   Beginning in Year 3 in primary school, students participate in the British Schools in the Middle East Games (BSME Games) and represent BSD in athletics, swimming, netball, basketball and football.

In senior school, students may choose from a range of extracurricular sports such as volleyball, football, basketball, badminton, track and field, cross country and swimming.   Competitions include the BSME Games and the Saudi Arabian Intra-Kingdom Activities Conference (SAIKAC), with opportunities for travel inside and outside the Kingdom. 


At BSD, we offer our students a well-rounded, balanced learning experience that contributes to their personal, social, physical, moral and emotional development.

Through our After School Activities program and activities offered by student leadership, students can explore a variety of interests and develop new skills and friendships.


Primary School Enrichment

Beginning in Primary, a range of afterschool activities are offered to our students.  Activities related to art, puzzles and games, sports, mathematics, dance, yoga and mindfulness are offered three times a year and students are invited to sign up to those that meet their interests and their schedule.


Senior School Enrichment

In addition to sports, there are a range of activities throughout the year for students to get involved such as music concerts and drama performances. Some of our favourite events of the year include Week Without Walls (WOW), International day, and Saudi National Day. Our senior students also participate in Best Buddies, Change Your Mind, activities organized by the Student Voice, and participate in Model United Nations, which develops research, writing and public speaking skills. 


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